Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Beautiful Indeed

Beautiful Indeed!
The World is!
With Every Beauty, the Beast Resides in it.
Though endless list of blessings,
Yet a forthcoming fall
Beautiful indeed!
The Mysterious Creation;
The dramatic waves & silent sea shore
The speedy wind & ample destructions
The chilled winters & static bodies
The heavy rains & fatal stage
The mesmerizing sunshine & scorching aches
The layers of snow & awestruck avalanches
The pondering of love and hatred beneath
Beautiful indeed!
Beautiful indeed! The Declines are, when one is unaware of the residing impurities
It can be ego, anger or just a namesake self pride,
Greediness / Rudeness can also be your disguised ride
Break or Fall is evident
And Self- Realization is the only cure
Success/ Gains might come
But failure is sure
Hidden costs are generally unhealthy
After all! Dramatics also have a saturation
Lies don't live longer
Thus, bounteous failures allure
Breakage & leak will be out of control
Weak indeed you will feel
If  still your conscious is out of speech
But by the time you might eventually start realizing,
My love till that hour you will be near to your end.


  1. It has been worded well...but the essence isnt unique....That is not a drawback by any means...but I feel dat it meanders a bit!!! But a very nice attempt!!!! :)

  2. Yes the life is black and white indeed.
    Happy in a part of the world and sad somewhere else.
    that is called balance.
    well written.

  3. Thaank you guysss :)))) feedback is essential and I am glad that yet people believe in telling the truth... :)))))