Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Beautiful Indeed

Beautiful Indeed!
The World is!
With Every Beauty, the Beast Resides in it.
Though endless list of blessings,
Yet a forthcoming fall
Beautiful indeed!
The Mysterious Creation;
The dramatic waves & silent sea shore
The speedy wind & ample destructions
The chilled winters & static bodies
The heavy rains & fatal stage
The mesmerizing sunshine & scorching aches
The layers of snow & awestruck avalanches
The pondering of love and hatred beneath
Beautiful indeed!
Beautiful indeed! The Declines are, when one is unaware of the residing impurities
It can be ego, anger or just a namesake self pride,
Greediness / Rudeness can also be your disguised ride
Break or Fall is evident
And Self- Realization is the only cure
Success/ Gains might come
But failure is sure
Hidden costs are generally unhealthy
After all! Dramatics also have a saturation
Lies don't live longer
Thus, bounteous failures allure
Breakage & leak will be out of control
Weak indeed you will feel
If  still your conscious is out of speech
But by the time you might eventually start realizing,
My love till that hour you will be near to your end.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Phony Tales

Once again it occurred...

Insane Desperation,
Mixed Feelings of Love and Betrayal,
Question of Betrayal is Funny,
because commitment was never made......

Those few, small-small promises you portrayed...
Never ending talks we had
Emotional content sharing times
Those warm Cozy Nights
Various Laughing sessions
Tender touch of yours
That deep look of your Eyes...

Oh! Penetrating Beautiful time
Vain... Vain... Vain...
Gambling of Emotions...
Alas! It was a Phony Tale
Mistakenly Presumed to be a Fairy Tale....

Roller Coaster of few months,
has dismantled itself...
No vision I Desire,
it makes me Perspire...

Whether You Commit,
or just take a random trip
End is the Reality
Sometimes sweet, majorly Bitter

Alas!Knowingly or Unknowingly,
Emotions are mostly butchered...
Path to Ignorance becomes a bliss...

In the mist of great grand world,
Phony Tale occurred once more...

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Maharashtra Hues {2007(july)- 2012(march)}

Peek of teen age
Slightly scared
Majorly excited
I flew…
I flew 1300km approx...
For the dreams I cherished…

Surely it wasn’t easy to survive at first…
But time has its own course to give the best
Stupid people
Idiotic judgments
Ongoing gossip sessions…
And tiniest amount of work
Baby steps to the glossy world…
Made my brain wander like crazy nuts

Depression, Happiness, Fun & Adventure,
Enlightened, Sadistic & naughtiness – Exaggerated!!
Exaggerated versions of the Emotions were the shadows of past 4 years…

Maturity entered at slow pace
Symbi gave work by God’s grace
Few awesome teachers & my loadzz of dear friends…
So many Abrupt trips
& loadzz of Tharkiness ;
Finally this filmy college drama came to an end…
When on December, 2011, we finally had degrees in hand….


The drama continued & entered its final stage
When I reached the Mayanagri!!! Off course it means Mumbai…
The Place which makes your dreams … become Reality…

Dirty colonies
Jam-packed roads
Damn! Why they hell was I actually there?? I thought…
Well!! My choice employment, Re-union’s & Majorly good and few annoying people…
Kept me going….

“Sudden wobbles!! “
“Realization of my family without me”… entered my life with a jhataka
Though love for Mumbai developed with time…
Alas! It didn’t want my love to ponder…

“Love Transferred….”
Destiny must have thought something more Awesome for me… I Believe
Episode Mumbai closed &
Episode Delhi commence….  
Date – 27th March, 2012, “Duronto EX” train, SU berth,  seat no. - 18(it was 17 exchanged with old aunty)

Monday, 27 February 2012

Spell Bound Smiles

Every smile was spell bound
It made him go round and round
Hollowness was not his cup of tea
But it was thrown
Head ached
His heart threw up
Long ago he was blown up
Every smile was spell bound
It made him go round and round

Fakness was their identity
Killing was their passion
Torture was their will
And love was meant for fun 
Trapping innocence, they surely excelled in it,
Alas! to ignorance of the beginner...
Hollowness was not his cup of tea
It made him go round and round
Every smile was spell bound

Friday, 14 October 2011

YOU Remain

Nothing goes, nothing remains,
if you are gone nobody cares
they say they miss you...
for selfish reasons they behave
they forget old..
& get addicted to new...
if you are gone nobody cares.........

care for yourself,
care for you
earn some name and leave the world with thoughts
then you are gone but You Remain

Top of the World

top of the world...
thats the place where i belong
reaching there is off course a struggle
specially wid wounded knees..
with which im blessed...

i worry a little
cry a bit
stress up my mind.. 1000 times
but then jus a blink
and i feel the click
the click
to be on the top of the world..
coz thats the place destiny has decided for me
and how much ever the stones try to block my path
they will be broken
and i will wear the crown
i will prove my worth
when i will be on top of the world

Off Switch

i wish there was an off switch
to the feelings of extra happiness
to the feelings of extra sadness
for the high dreams
for the low scores
to the demoralizing scenarios
to the exaggerated encouragements
for every extra thing I wish there was an off switch
to the extra love
to the meanness of the crowd
to the pampering &
to the extreme neglection
i wish there was an off switch
i wish there was an off switch to my thoughts........
but if the off switch ever happens,
the enjoyment to automatic offs and ons... will be missed...........